Apart from this web site you will find us at follwing social media platforms (not exclsuive):

Harriers Central:

We are member of the actual App for all Hash House Harriers worldwide - Harriers Central, run by Tuna Melt and Opee.
There is a web based version as well an App for Android and IOS.
If you don't have the App, download and install it on your smartphone.
Available at: https://www.harriercentral.com


As of January 2023 we are on Meetup, supported by Slippy no Stockings.
This group is open to anyone, who is interested to join the Frankfurt Hash House Harriers.
Find the group here: Frankfurt HHH Meetup group


Yes, we have a Facebook group of the Frankfurt Hash House Harriers.
It's a closed and private group, acccess is only offered to regular, known Frankfurt Hashers or well known friends of Frankfurt HHH.
Once you are a regular Hasher, we now you a bit and you are trustworthy, we might or will grant access.
Find the group here: Frankfurt HHH Facebook group

Google Group Email list:

Sometimes we are oldschool and use email to advertise our weekly hash trails and some more activities.
You want to join the list? Drop a message or tell it to the Mismanagement once you are around.


Hashspace is still alive. Check it out.
Find the group here: Frankfurt HHH on Hashspace


Some of us are using Strava. Look out for Frankfurt Hash House Harriers.

Getting in touch:

To contact the hash, please refer to 'Contact' for details of the hash mismanagement members.

updated January 20th, 2023