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Frankfurt Hash # 1991 - Hare/s: Made 2 Cum


Frankfurt Hash # 1991 - Hare/s: Made 2 Cum
Sun, 31. December 2023, 14:30 h
Frankfurt Sachsenhausen - Mühlberg - Frankfurt am Main, Hessen
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Hare: Made 2 Cum

New Years eve!
What will be a better end of the year as a trail, some good beer and hash friends around before heading out and celebrate the final party of 2023.

In case there is no further information given here, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Alternative, check FB, your email or Meetup.

We need Hares for the upcoming FRANKFURT HASHES during Winter Season 2023/24 starting March 2024.
Contact your Hareraiser or Mismanagement today! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Until than, you will run around Wiesbaden Erbenheim in circles.


Frankfurt Sachsenhausen - Mühlberg
Länderweg 13
Frankfurt am Main


Exit of S-Bahn station Mühlberg towards Länderweg
opposite Länderweg 13
60599 Frankfurt am Main - Sachsenhausen
Do not ring the bell or go inside one of the buildings.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: From Frankfurt HBF/Hauptwache/Konstablerwache  take S1, S2, S8, or S9 Sooo many options, my goats!!! Impossible that you don’t make it….Get off at Frankfurt Mühlberg and after the first flight of scalators take the exit to the right. Walk to the street and look for the hungover hashers.

You can also take Tram 16, Bus 46: Cross the street towards the S-Bahn station, then head towards Länderweg (70m on the alley passing the station). On Länderweg turn left and look for hashers.


CAR: really? Do you think you can drive after all you drunk this weekend? Ok, then… All directions - head towards Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen (Lokalbahnhof).

Coming from South (Mörfelder-/Offenbacher Landstr. or Darmstädter Landstr.): Turn towards B3/Friedberg/Stadtmitte/Zoo (BP gas station) and cross under the railway bridge on Siemensstraße. Take the 2nd right into Seehofstr, take the next left, immediately after the bridge, into Länderweg.

Coming from North: cross the Main and drive on the river quay (Deutchherrnufer/B43) then head towards Hanau/B43/Offenbach/Oberrad. Once on Seehofstr, drive straight then turn left, into Länderweg.